A BIG Surprise for My Mom

My brother lives in California, with my nephew.  We haven’t seen them in a couple years.  Before that, my mom had never met my nephew.  There has been some drama surrounding the relationships involved.  Things are moving in a very positive direction and God gets ALL the glory for that.  We are continuing to mend fences and heal relationships and God keeps blessing everyone involved.  It’s amazing!!


My brother called me on Sunday to tell me that he had been blessed by someone paying for him and my nephew to fly in…in TWO DAYS!  He wanted to surprise mom.  I started thinking and figured out a way to get us up there for dinner…to celebrate a financial blessing that is working miracles for many people.  We offered to pick up food and told her that we would be later than normal.  I carefully worded everything so that 1.  I wouldn’t give away any  part of the secret and 2.  I never told a single lie!


Today, I picked my brother and nephew up at the airport.  My nephew ran to me hugged me tight and said “OH I HAVE MISSED YOU!!!”  Talk about making my heart leap!!  We loaded into the van and headed for the mountains.  We went over the plan and everyone was SO excited we just couldn’t stand it.


I am STILL smiling.  For HOURS I would keep hearing mom sigh or breathe deep and put her hands over her mouth.  She remained in shock for quite a while.  At one point, she walked by my brother and stopped to do a double take.  She said she just couldn’t believe he was right there.


Check out this video for the setup and reaction.  It’s a little dark but I couldn’t think fast enough to do more than ask them to turn the TV down.  I left it unedited so you could see it from start to finish.

A BIG Surprise for My Mom – ColorMeCrystal.com from Crystal Gibson on Vimeo.

This is the setup and reaction for surprising my parents with a visit from my brother and nephew. God blessed many people so that this could happen. We are so thankful for everyone that had a hand in this. Read all about it on the blog at http://colormecrystal.com/?p=5848


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  1. Dawn @ Life Unscripted says:

    Awe how amazing. <3 and all these years I've known you, I don't think I ever heard your voice hahaha it made me giggle with your little accent.

  2. So sweet!

  3. I don’t even know your family and that brought tears to my eyes! So beautiful! Congrats and enjoy your time together!

  4. That is so awesome Crystal! Thanks for sharing the amazing blessings God is pouring out on you.

  5. jennifer henry says: