Talking Type 1 Diabetes with Kids

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I am Type 1 diabetic but my diagnosis didn’t come during childhood.  I was an adult, with two young children.  It was a scary time and it was very hard to discuss with the kids, until they were older.  Needless to say I was thrilled to come across the book “The Storybook Illustrated Guide to [Keep Reading]

Weeding Out Wheat – Why Go Wheat Free – Book Review

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Weeding Out Wheat – What You Don’t Know CAN Make You Sick When I saw the opportunity to review this book, it was truly a Godsend.  There is much hullabaloo out there about gluten free, wheat free, etc.  It’s information overload for sure.  So much so that I had become jaded to all of it [Keep Reading]

Homeschool Review – Why I Give Activity Book

Why I Give Activity Book Homeschool Review Tic Tac Toe

Why I Give Teaches Kids to Be Cheerful Givers I am so excited to bring you this homeschool product review.  We were given a free copy of the book for review purposes but all opinions are my own.  Of course, anyone can use the Why I Give Activity Book.  It’s not limited to homeschoolers.  ANy [Keep Reading]