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Kids Live Safe provides an easy to use database of sex offenders that can be searched by geographic location or even a name search.  Use this tool to see who may live near you and your children or grandchildren.  It only takes a second to search.  Search today and know your neighborhood.

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About Kids Live Safe

Since 2009 Kids Live Safe has been committed to protecting kids from Sexual Predators.  Kids Live Safe’s motto of “Your Children. Their Safety. Our Mission.” is achieved by providing top-rated, tools to support parents in safeguarding their most precious and prized possessions – their children, grandchildren, nieces  nephews and other children they care for.

Kids Live Safe was thought of and created by parents who are concerned about the safety of their own children.  This powerful need to provide their children with a safe environment to grow, learn, and prosper is shown in Kids Live Safe’s lasting commitment to support parents across the United States with information and tools to help them in preserving the safety of their children.

Kids Live Safe believes the first step in protecting your children is to be informed.  If you have not joined Kids Live Safe’s growing community, consisting of tens-of-thousands of members across the USA, you are invited to do a FREE search for Registered Sex Offender in your area by providing your ZIP Code and Email Address.  It could possibly be an eye-opening experience for you, which we hope will motivate you to do everything you can to keep your precious children safe.

The goal is not to scare those who care for children but to arm them with knowledge so that they can protect the children they love.  Knowledge is power and in cases of sexual predators it can be life saving.  Take a moment and do a search today.

You really have nothing to lose with Kids Live Safe.


  1. It is a scary world we live in!

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