eKoffee – Golden Hills Coffee Roasters Review

ekoffee golden hills coffee review

It’s really no secret that I love coffee!!  If you follow me on social media, you know this.  I post pics on Instagram, often.  I have worked with the good folks at eKoffee before and love working with them.  They’re a fantastic company with fantastic products.  There are no better coffees that I have found! [Keep Reading]

Dolphin Tale 2 Homeschool Curriculum Review + Movie Prize Pack Giveaway


Our family LOVED the movie Dolphin Tale.  We have seen it at least a dozen times.  We’re VERY excited to see Dolphin Tale 2 and even more excited to bring you this great review and giveaway from our friends at Benoit Academy. Jess from Benoit Academy was able to check out the free Dolphin Tale [Keep Reading]

Enter to WIN The Verbal Math Lesson Set ‪#‎LearnMentalMath‬


Looking for a great fun way to teach math? Are your kids frustrated with the amount of math homework they have?  Take a look at this review of The Verbal Math Lesson. This is a great way to learn mental math and are awesome books to have in your library!  Perfect for homeschoolers or families [Keep Reading]

Talking Type 1 Diabetes with Kids

estelles winning spirit si guide Color Me Crystal

I am Type 1 diabetic but my diagnosis didn’t come during childhood.  I was an adult, with two young children.  It was a scary time and it was very hard to discuss with the kids, until they were older.  Needless to say I was thrilled to come across the book “The Storybook Illustrated Guide to [Keep Reading]

Oh Miche! Oh My! I Love This Miche Bag!

Miche Petite Base with Lila Shell

I am not a huge purse gal but I do love a nice looking bag that’s versatile, functional and well made.  When I was asked to review a bag for Miche, I jumped at the chance.  I needed a new purse and loved the different options that were offered.  So, I accepted the offer of [Keep Reading]

Upgrading Your Homeschool Room from Elementary to Middle School

Upgrading Your Homeschool Room from Elementary to Middle School

Now that your kids are moving onto middle school, it’s time to upgrade your homeschool area.  They no longer need the 1-2-3’s and the A-B-C’s posted on the wall.  Let’s get started on upgrading that homeschooling room from baby to boo yah!   The kids are at that age where apples and bookworms are no longer [Keep Reading]

DIY Super Hero Wrist Cuffs for Kids

super hero wrist cuffs for kids

Turn any child into a super hero in minutes with these easy DIY Super Hero Wrist Cuffs.  These are GREAT for Halloween.  They’re really perfect for any kid with a superhero dream.  With the popularity of superhero movies, you can get away with making these all year long.  The best part is that you can [Keep Reading]

HUGE List of #BackToSchool Coupons!!

back to school coupons color me crystal

Let’s face it, back to school shopping isn’t cheap.  If you have more than one child, it’s really not cheap at all.  Sure you can get great deals here and there but even a few boxes of 17 cent pencils and 50 cent notebooks adds up fast.  My son is a high school freshman this [Keep Reading]

DIY Beach Cottage Wreath Under $15 in 15 Minutes

DIY beach cottage wreath

If the summer weather has you in the mood for the beach, bring the beach to you with this easy and inexpensive Beach Cottage Wreath. You can make your own Beach Cottage Wreath, just like this one, using just a handful of easy to find supplies. In fact, I was able to craft the wreath you [Keep Reading]

10 Ways to Help Children Avoid Dog Bites

help children avoid dog bites

Did you know that children are the most common victims of dog bites?  Many dog bites that affect children happen during everyday activities and with familiar dogs. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has great ways to help parents and their children understand how they can prevent dog bites, so you can help your kids [Keep Reading]