Revolt Fitness Day 2 Update | Leg Day

Revolt Fitness Update – Day 2

OH MY GOSH.  I slacked yesterday and pushed myself HARD today for leg day.  I am actually going to rest a few minutes and do part of yesterday’s workout as well.  Here’s a quick video I did right after the leg workout.  Revolt Fitness is NO JOKE folks.  Subscribe to my channel on YouTube to keep up with the videos as soon as they are live.

Revolt Fitness Day 2 Update

I drank about 30 oz of water JUST during this workout.  It’s hard, no lie.  But keep in mind you just have to start where  you are.  Don’t try to be Nichole or anyone else.  Be you.  Start on your level and push  yourself to the next.  If I can do it, you can do it.

Before starting this program I lived a totally sedentary lifestyle.  I homeschool my kids and I work from home.  I was in front of the computer ALL the time.  I watched my kids ride their bikes, while I sat on the porch.  NO MORE!  Time to get up, get moving and START LIVING!

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At $10 a month, no contracts and nothing keeping you obligated, what can you lose?  Give up a meal out a week and you can afford the fee AND the good food to fuel your body.  Check out Revolt Fitness, commit yourself to trying it for a month and see how you feel.  If you don’t look and feel better after eating right and exercising, then don’t continue.  Quit and try something else.

Helping You Help Yourself is the tagline of my site.  BUT it’s also what I want to do.  I am here for encouragement and to help motivate you.  I am not currently being paid to promote Revolt Fitness.  I just believe that it will work for anyone that commits to it.  You’ll never know if you don’t try.  Trust me, join me and change your life!  It’s SO worth it.

Revolt Fitness – No excuses.  No regrets!

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