Revolt Fitness Round 2 – Week 3 Update

Revolt Fitness Round 2 – Week 3

We are halfway through this second round of Revolt Fitness already!!  This week has been a rough one.  Between working on getting our other home ready to sell, my new job, new Virtual Assistant clients and being sick…yeah.  I didn’t get much exercise in but I did manage some, on the days that I could breathe enough to work out.

I did much better with eating my meals and drinking my water this week.  That with the little bit of exercise showed some results!  What are they??  Keep reading!

Oh and as promised…a video!!  I didn’t realize how much I had missed doing my Revolt Fitness videos!

Revolt Fitness Round 2 Week 3

Revolt Fitness Week 3 Results

Last Week:

  • Weight:  230.6
  • Body Fat:  36.9%
  • Muscle:  33.9%

First Week Measurements:

  • Biceps (R) 14.25 (L) 14″
  • Chest 37″
  • Belly 43″
  • Hips 44.75″
  • Thighs (R) 23.75″ (L) 23.5″
  • Calves (R) 15.75″ (L) 15.5″

This Week’s Weight & Measurements:

  • Weight:  229 (1.6 lb loss)
  • Body Fat:  35.9% (1% loss)
  • Muscle:  35.2% (1.3% gain)
  • Biceps (R) 14.25 (L) 14″ (no change)
  • Chest 36″  (1″ loss)
  • Belly 40.5″ (3″ loss mostly water I am sure)
  • Hips 43.75″ (1″ loss)
  • Thighs (R) 23″ (L) 23″  (1.25″ total loss)
  • Calves (R) 15.75″ (L) 15.5″ (no change)

Revolt Fitness – Week 3 – What I Learned

This week I saw (again) the importance of eating all of my meals and drinking all of my water.  I know that a lot of my loss was water weight.  Even though I didn’t feel great and didn’t exercise like I should have, I still saw some decent changes.

With sinus issues, my sleep wasn’t great and exercising was a real chore.  But I did my best.  That, is an improvement for me.  Now, I am ready for cheat day and then to kick it back into gear for next week.  I will be reevaluating some of my goals and sharing those with you next week.  I am not putting things off when I know I can do them NOW!  If you haven’t noticed, Revolt Fitness is changing more than my body!

Check out all my Revolt Fitness posts to see how I have progressed.


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