Revolt Fitness | Week 1 of 6

What is Revolt Fitness?

Revolt Fitness is a system that was created by a mom, Nichole Huntsman.  Nichole had weight to lose and figured out how to do it and keep it off.  She’s lost 60+ pounds after each of her four children and is now a certified personal trainer.

Nichole Huntsman Revolt Fitness Founder

Nichole created Revolt Fitness as a way for others, like her, to get into shape and get healthy.  Not only that, but to maintain your health and do so without a gym membership.  You will get a meal plan and a workout plan.  Fresh workouts daily (on video and on paper), a meal plan that you can shop for on Saturday, cook on Sunday and not worry about it all week.  So simple! It’s clean eating that anyone can understand and do!

Here’s a quick video from Nichole to tell you about Revolt Fitness!

Why I Joined Revolt Fitness

Revolt Fitness Less than $10 Monthly – NO Contracts.

Ok so, yes, as a blogger I got in for free.  But that’s only PART of why I want to do this.  First, it’s EASY.  Not the workouts (they are called workouts for a reason!) but the overall system.  From grocery shopping and prepping food and planning the workouts, it’s all planned out for you.  Just grab the printout, open your laptop or turn on your PC and do it.

Revolt Fitness Diet Plan

I was working with another company, doing the 2 shakes a day thing.  But after a month, my emails went unanswered and I didn’t even get all that was promised to me.  I was mad and hurt and left feeling pretty worthless.  Reading about Revolt Fitness and watching the videos has been inspiring and motivating.  I don’t need shakes, I can have FOOD…even chocolate.  A cheat day is INCLUDED and encouraged.  How refreshing is that??

I am excited to start TODAY.  I am running behind because I didn’t plan ahead BUT…pushing ahead.  I haven’t eaten correctly so far today but that I changing NOW.  I am getting ready to have a snack and then sweat my way through the workout for today.  I will go grocery shopping tonight and get what I need for the week.  Tonight I will prep and cook food and not worry about it again until Saturday.

Want to Join Revolt Fitness with Me?

Here’s my intro and initial weigh in.  On video.  This was VERY hard for me to do but I DID IT!!

You are not in this alone.  There is a great community that comes along with Revolt Fitness.  Just start right where you are and I will meet you there and we can do this together!!

Check out all of my other Revolt Fitness Updates and keep track of my progress!

Click on over to Revolt Fitness and join the revolution.  No, it isn’t free but for just $10 per month, what do you have to lose?  Besides weight, shame and guilt.  Join myself and others who are taking on this challenge with Revolt Fitness.  Did I mention you could win $10,000??  It’s true!

Revolt Fitness Six Week $10,000 Challenge – Are You In?

Check out the Revolt Fitness site and go all in!


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  1. Great job putting that out there! Great accountability for sure! You did great and you’re going to do great! Good for you!

  2. I think your video is awesome and REAL! That’s what we like to see. I am really considering this. Strangely enough, my daily devotional today mentioned being as fit and healthy physically as you are spiritually. Needless to say, I am not fit physically and I’ve been looking for something that will work for me. Thanks for introducing me to Revolt. I’m seriously going to look into it!

  3. Thanks for sharing! You will love your after photo and video! Good luck with your program.