Win TWO Eat to Win Game Prize Packs!

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Enter to Win the Eat to Win Game Prize Pack Win twice with the Eat to Win Game!  Have you wanted to eat right or get your kids to eat right but just haven’t figured it out?  Now you can with Eat to Win Game!  There are two versions and you can win them BOTH [Keep Reading]

Revolt Fitness Round 2 – Week 4 Update #RevoltNowFit

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Revolt Fitness Round 2 – Week 4 I am just TWO weeks away from the end of another Revolt Fitness 6-week uprising.  I find it very hard not to get down on myself for being off the wagon way too long this time.  But I won’t fall back into that pit.  I have set some [Keep Reading]

Revolt Fitness Round 2 – Week 2 Update

revolt fitness round 2 week 2 motivation

Revolt Fitness Round 2 – I’m a Slacker So…last week I totally forgot to weigh, measure and post a REvolt Fitness Update.  It was a super busy weekend and by the time I thought about it, I was into this week already.  I apologize for not getting a post or video up last week.  I [Keep Reading]

Revolt Fitness Round 2 – Week 1 – Mid-Week Check In

Revolt Fitness Uprising 2 Week 1 Mid-Week

Revolt Fitness Round 2 – Week 1 – Checking In Week one of the second Uprising for Revolt Fitness is almost over!  We weigh in, in just two more days!  Then kick it into gear for a second week.  It’s crazy how fast it goes.  I wanted to just touch base and let you all know how [Keep Reading]

Revolt Fitness – Week 3 – Weigh In and Advice

Revolt Fitness Week 3 Weigh In

Revolt Fitness – Weigh In – Week 3 I can NOT believe that we are halfway through with this Revolt Fitness Challenge (Uprising).  What’s more unbelievable, is the changes I have seen in myself and the others that are participating in this Revolt Fitness Challenge.  Besides watching each other struggle, learn, change and grow we [Keep Reading]

Cheat on Your Diet – Top Reasons It’s Recommended

The ONLY way to cheat on your diet and still lose weight |

Cheat on Your Diet!  Do it! Yep, that’s right.  It’s actually recommended that you cheat on your diet.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  This isn’t a daily thing.  But once a week, instead.  If you follow me on social media, you have seen the pics of egg whites, spinach, chicken breasts, salads…and repeat.  Yes, that [Keep Reading]

Revolt Fitness Day 2 Update | Leg Day

Revolt Fitness Day 2 Update

Revolt Fitness Update – Day 2 OH MY GOSH.  I slacked yesterday and pushed myself HARD today for leg day.  I am actually going to rest a few minutes and do part of yesterday’s workout as well.  Here’s a quick video I did right after the leg workout.  Revolt Fitness is NO JOKE folks.  Subscribe [Keep Reading]

Revolt Fitness | Week 1 of 6

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What is Revolt Fitness? Revolt Fitness is a system that was created by a mom, Nichole Huntsman.  Nichole had weight to lose and figured out how to do it and keep it off.  She’s lost 60+ pounds after each of her four children and is now a certified personal trainer. Nichole created Revolt Fitness as a [Keep Reading]

eMeals – Happy New You Savings!!


eMeals Wishes You – a Happy New YOU!    We all have resolutions to eat healthier, get more exercise, drink fewer sodas, etc.  Let eMeals help you get off to a great start with their New Year sale! New Year, New You Save 15% with code “NEWYEAR” on eMeals – Exp 2/10/13 With this great [Keep Reading]