Revolt Fitness Round 2 – Week 5 Update #RevoltNowFit

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Revolt Fitness Round 2 – Week 4 I started this Revolt Fitness journey with a promise of honesty and I haven’t fulfilled that.  So…here it goes.  I am overwhelmed.  Life has been stressful and at times all-consuming.  Anxiety and depression have raged back into my life, my head and my world.  We have spent a [Keep Reading]

Fit Into Summer with #RevoltNowFit – HUGE Giveaway – 3 Winners


Fit Into Summer Giveaway! If you’ve read more than a few posts here, at Color Me Crystal, you’ve probably seen some of my Revolt Fitness posts.  My  progress has slowed, because of my own mistakes.  But my love for the program hasn’t faded.  I have learned SO MUCH about myself and want others to experience [Keep Reading]

Revolt Fitness Round 2 – Week 4 Update #RevoltNowFit

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Revolt Fitness Round 2 – Week 4 I am just TWO weeks away from the end of another Revolt Fitness 6-week uprising.  I find it very hard not to get down on myself for being off the wagon way too long this time.  But I won’t fall back into that pit.  I have set some [Keep Reading]

Revolt Fitness Round 2 – Week 1 – Mid-Week Check In

Revolt Fitness Uprising 2 Week 1 Mid-Week

Revolt Fitness Round 2 – Week 1 – Checking In Week one of the second Uprising for Revolt Fitness is almost over!  We weigh in, in just two more days!  Then kick it into gear for a second week.  It’s crazy how fast it goes.  I wanted to just touch base and let you all know how [Keep Reading]

Revolt Fitness – Week 4 Weigh In – Happy Easter

Revolt Fitness 3 Week Changes

Week 4 Weigh In – Revolt Fitness Can  you believe we are headed into the 5th week of the Revolt Fitness Challenge already?  I can’t!!  I am loving the progress, however slow it is.  I didn’t do a video this week.  I just didn’t have the time with all of the Easter festivities going on. [Keep Reading]

Revolt Fitness – Week 3 – Weigh In and Advice

Revolt Fitness Week 3 Weigh In

Revolt Fitness – Weigh In – Week 3 I can NOT believe that we are halfway through with this Revolt Fitness Challenge (Uprising).  What’s more unbelievable, is the changes I have seen in myself and the others that are participating in this Revolt Fitness Challenge.  Besides watching each other struggle, learn, change and grow we [Keep Reading]

Kinderfeets Balance Bike Giveaway


Kinderfeets Balance Bike for Kids Two and Up! The Kinderfeets balance bike is perfect for any child that is preparing to learn how to ride a traditional bicycle.  It offers a great alternative to training wheels.  Confidence and ability will be boosted with the Kinderfeets bike.  Other features include foot pegs for cruising, no air [Keep Reading]

Revolt Fitness Day 2 Update | Leg Day

Revolt Fitness Day 2 Update

Revolt Fitness Update – Day 2 OH MY GOSH.  I slacked yesterday and pushed myself HARD today for leg day.  I am actually going to rest a few minutes and do part of yesterday’s workout as well.  Here’s a quick video I did right after the leg workout.  Revolt Fitness is NO JOKE folks.  Subscribe [Keep Reading]

Revolt Fitness | Week 1 of 6

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What is Revolt Fitness? Revolt Fitness is a system that was created by a mom, Nichole Huntsman.  Nichole had weight to lose and figured out how to do it and keep it off.  She’s lost 60+ pounds after each of her four children and is now a certified personal trainer. Nichole created Revolt Fitness as a [Keep Reading]