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Tasty Tuesday Hard Boiled Eggs

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Tasty Tuesday – The Perfect Hardboiled Egg

Yes, it’s possible!  Ok so maybe not 100% perfect but darn close!  It’s not foolproof but this method is the one that always works for me.  I know we all have our favorite way to boil and peel eggs.  If you have a better method, leave me a comment.  I might be willing to try it out and put it to the test.  Maybe even for another Tasty Tuesday post!

With the method below, I can hard boil an egg that isn’t overcooked, over stinky or over frustrating.  They peel great, look great and taste great.  Since I am clean eating, there are lots of hard boiled eggs in my meals from time to time.  Hubby is also clean eating.  That means a LOT of hard boiled eggs and egg whites.  Separating eggs may be a later post.  On with the fun…

Five Steps to the Perfect Hard Boiled Egg

1.  Old eggs are good eggs!  Like wine, eggs are better with age.  Well, to an extent and really only when hard boiling.  Of course, you don’t want rotten eggs but you do want them to be 3-4 days post-shopping before hard boiling.  This gives that little membrane under the shell time to loosen up and make peeling a breeze.

2.  Salt!  Lots of salt!  This is especially true if you haven’t had time to shop and wait a few days.  Put your eggs in the pot and cover with water.  Then dump in a good deal of salt.  Don’t worry about them taking on too much sodium.  They do absorb a bit but not much.  This is actually helpful for flavor and decreasing the overall salt content of whatever dish you will be making with the eggs.

3.  Time and Temperature.  Set your eggs out on the counter and open the carton for about 10 minutes before you are ready to boil.  This will knock off a little of the chill from the refrigerator and help them come up to temp with the water as it heats.  Keep reading…water temp is important too!

4.  Watch your water!  When it comes to water, colder is better.  Chances are your tap water isn’t as cold as your fridge.  That’s why I like to let my eggs “warm up” a bit before covering them with water.  You want the eggs and the water to come up to temp together.  This will help keep your eggs from cracking open!

5.  Boil and Wait.  Now that you have your eggs in the pot, covered them with water, dumped in a bunch of salt…you’re ready to roll.  Crank up the heat and let the magic happen.  Once your water is at a rolling boil, do not pass go and do not collect $200.  Have a lid handy.  Put it on the pot, turn off the heat and walk away.  Wait 10-15 minutes then drain and shock the eggs with an ice bath.  I usually drain them, leave them in the pot, fill with cold water and top with a lot of ice.

Wait until the eggs are cool enough to handle.  I have actually waited an hour or so at times.  Then peel.  The longer you wait, the more gray/green the outside of the yolk turns!

Peeling the Perfect Hard Boiled Egg

tasty tuesday egg shells in bag

1.  Bigger is better.  Start with the large round end of the egg.  Give it a good whack onto a hard flat surface.  There is a little air bubble on that end that can work to your advantage when forced up around the egg.  I do the same with the smaller end, next.

2.  Tap tap tap.  Tap the egg all around.  You want it cracked even all the way around.  Don’t tap too hard.  You only want to crack the shell.  No shrapnel in the egg white please!

3.  Rock and Roll!  Roll the egg on the counter or between your hands, gently.  Don’t apply much pressure.  This can help loosen the shell.

4.  Finally…time to peel!  I start at the large end again.  Try to get ahold of the thin membrane along with the shell and start peeling carefully.  Lots of times you will find your egg comes right out without much peeling.  Success!!

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  1. WE love eggs and DH loves hard boiled eggs! I never knew to let them sit out for a bit before you boiled them. Salt…now that’s something DH never leaves out! Thanks for a great post.

  2. thanks for sharing how to make perfect hard boiled eggs


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