The Men of Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty – Hot or Not?

If you haven’t seen Duck Dynasty, on A&E, you are missing out on some great entertainment.  My sense of humor is FAR from dry.  I laugh at the dumbest things…which is why I love this show.  No, the show isn’t full of stupid rednecks, contrary to popular belief!  Some of the guys (and gals!) are very smart and their business sense is proof of that!  They make MILLIONS off of duck calls and decoys from salvaged swamp wood!

Ducky Dynasty - The Beards are Nack!

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However, I have noticed that some of the men are rather attractive…behind the often off-putting beards and heads of long hair.  I do have 2 favorites on the show.  First, is Uncle Si.  Handsome?  Not so much.  Funny?  You bet!  I love him.  He can make me laugh EVERY time he speaks.  It may not always make sense but it is always funny.  The quickest way to my heart, is through my funny bone!  Even though he’s not the most physically attractive, he’s the most funnily (??) attractive so Si is tops for me!!

Duck Dynasty Uncle Si Robertson


Now, when it comes to looks, Jase is #1.  Underneath that beard and those long tresses, is a face I’d like to see more of!  I just happened to notice it during the last few episodes.  It was like an epiphany…”hey Jase is cute!”  He;s funny too.  I love the way he and Willie pick on each other.  Gotta love sibling rivalry!

Duck Dynasty Jase Robertson

To round out my top three…Jep.  I haven’t seen or heard too much from him on the show.  I have seen pics here and there though.  He’s a good looking fella.  I can’t comment on his personality though.  I can only assume that he’s as entertaining as the rest of the family.

Duck Dynasty Jep Robertson

The rest of the Duck Dynasty men are out of the running for me.  They all tie for 4th place and that is that.  Phil and Willie Robertson both have qualities that make them attractive…they’re funny, mostly.  Willie is pretty darn smart.  Did you know he actually has a business degree?

Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson Duck Dynasty Willie Robertson

I know there are probably others, grandkids and what not, but these are the only Duck Dynasty men that fall within my acceptable age range!  I don’t go after jail bait!

Who’s your favorite Duck Dynasty man?


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  1. I have never watched this but my cousin says it’s good and I know there’s a lot of “hype” about it. I’ll have to check it out!

  2. Love Duck Dynasty…I don’t think it’d be the same if they didn’t have the beards but I think they look more handsome without them. :)

  3. I have only seen this show a time or two and don’t know the characters, but in the first pic, that guy in the top left corner kind of favors my dad {he had a red beard}. :)



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